Stop Motion Puppet Fabrication Workshop

Boys and Girls Club

Saturday February 23rd 2019 2:00 pm –  4:00 pm

Jennyhogan classflyer

Jenny Hogan will demo how to make a build-up stop motion puppet, which is a good, inexpensive way to make a puppet for your own animation. The same techniques are widely used, and are the basis for making the thousands of puppets each season on Robot Chicken.

The demo will consist of:

  1. Basic armature making, including tie downs and how to rig the puppet for animation.
  2. Building up the puppet's body.
  3. Sculpting a head, facial expressions including mouth and eye animation.
  4. Finishing and painting, including skin and hair.
  5. Costuming

Jenny will talk briefly about the different types of puppets that can be made as well. She will have all stages of the process available to look at, and will demo how to use all of the materials (these will be the same used in the kit).

Jenny will also talk about the other processes like molding and casting. Kits will be available for purchase for an additional cost (around $25 and are optional).

This will be an information heavy class. Atendees do not need to bring anything, it will be more of a demo. Questions are always encouraged!


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