Pitch Packets 101 Workshop

Boys and Girls Club

Saturday February 23rd 2019 4:00 pm –  6:00 pm


In this 2 hour lecture/workshop students will learn the ins and outs of how to put together a pitch packet. Learn what to include, what not to include, and how to lean on your strengths. We will cover small things that make a big difference like formatting fonts, as well as big things like how to write a proper longline and character description. Pitching a show can feel like a daunting task, but once you know the basics of how to put together a proper pitch packet, you'll be able to pitch to any studio with confindence.

Professsional's Bio:

Caroline is a 10+ year industry veteran with a background in both stop motion and 2-D animation. After graduation CalArts in 2007, Caroline went on to work on shows like Robot Chicket (art dept), Bojack Horseman (storyboards/animation), and Rick And Morty (animation/character design). Her love of creating original characters and concepts come together with Toasty Tales, an original pilot for Amazon that combines 2-D amimation with miniature sets as backgrounds. Today, Caroline is a freelance writer and continues to pitch shows and use her powers for good.


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Boys and Girls Club

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